Jun 14, 2017

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Sandra Winkel: I Feel Very Lucky

Patient-Story-Sandra-WinkelSandra has had numerous health concerns she’s battled throughout her life including a stroke in 2008. The stroke led to her losing the ability to talk, read and write. Throughout it all, her outlook is extremely positive and her zest for life shines through.

Sandra still struggles with finding a word she wants at times but with hard work she’s recovered well. “Everything was so garbled at first but I didn’t have time to be depressed or scared,” said Sandra. “I had work to do if I wanted to get better.”

Sandra did work hard and her speech therapist, Tara, was there to help her. She went to speech therapy 3 times per week at first and then less frequently as she regained skills. Her husband was great support and attended most appointments with her so that he could get ideas of what they could work on at home.

“Tara was there for me and to get me better. I always wanted to do more at a faster pace. I hated the feeling that I should have known something in an appointment but didn’t. Writing came back to me more naturally than talking or reading,” shared Sandra.

In fact, Sandra continues to write and read every day so she can hang on to the skills she has and doesn’t lose them. She also attends the Stroke Support Group at Pella Regional. “My motor skills are good at this point and I encourage those who aren’t as far along. It’s all about support,” said Sandra. “Helping each other isn’t just for the group, it’s what we’re here to do in life. That’s what God put us here for.”

Sandra is happy that after working with speech therapy she can do much of what she had done before including volunteering in a variety of places. “I get up every day and do my best,” said Sandra. “I feel very lucky.”

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