Jun 7, 2017

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I Wish I’d Listened Sooner

Patient-Story-Larry-WolfLarry was diagnosed with diabetes more than 20 years ago. He has been adamant over the years that he would not take insulin. Once he was referred to Molly Engelhart at Pella Regional’s Medical Clinic in Ottumwa Larry started to see things differently.

“Molly explained why I needed to go on insulin and was kind and concerned for me,” explained Larry. “She is an expert with diabetes. She knew more than all of the other providers. She explained the negatives and taught me how to give myself insulin right there right away. It wasn’t as bad as I’d thought.”

Larry shares that his blood sugar levels were very bad when he started working with Molly but he now has it under control. He also met with Debbie Guild, a diabetes dietitian with Pella Regional who taught him about carbohydrates and answered his questions. “Giving up sweets was the hardest part. It’s still hard,” said Larry.

Larry also attends the Diabetes Support Group meetings on a regular basis. “Those meetings are great for me. They are free and they answer all of your questions. There is always great information. The next meeting is about stress and that’s something I really struggle with so it’s important to me to learn about that,” said Larry.

Larry feels less sluggish and less bloated now and has more energy. “I wish I had started all of this sooner. Molly really opened my eyes to what was possible,” said Larry. “I think they cared for me more than I cared for myself at the beginning of all this.”

Larry continues his regular appointments with Molly to go over the basics of his health and how he is feeling, what he is working on in regards to diet and exercise and checking his feet for any problems. He continues to work toward new, healthier goals for himself.

His advice to others struggling with diabetes is simple. “Take care of your body. You don’t want to lose it. You may have to give some things up but it’s worth it,” said Larry. “Thanks to Molly, and some hard work, I have peace of mind now. I can fish and do things I enjoy again.”

Request an appointment with Molly Engelhart at Pella Regional’s Medical Clinic in Ottumwa.

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