May 15, 2017

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Nurse Spotlight: Cally Sparks

Cally-SparksCally has worked at Pella Regional for almost 12 years, the last 5 years in the clinic setting. She started working in Nutrition, but as she served food in the Long Term Care, she became interested in health care. Around that same time, her brother was in a car accident that kept him in the hospital for 3-4 months. She was able to watch a lot of the bed side procedures which fascinated her. She then took the CNA course to see if nursing was something she really wanted to do.

She enjoys nursing because in the medical clinic she gets to know the families and is able to help people when they really need it. “I get to do all types of nursing here in the medical clinic. It’s just me in the nursing role and I like that,” said Cally. “I work closely with the physicians and the receptionist. Everyone in the medical clinics work so well as a team.”

In nursing school Cally did rotations at other hospitals and always believed that Pella Regional would be the best fit for her.

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