May 10, 2017

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Nurse Spotlight: Kathy Heinen

Kathy-HeinenHere’s the next Nurse Spotlight for Nurse Week!


Kathy has worked in various nursing departments at Pella Regional over the years, but in 2011 she started working in Surgery. She had originally wanted to be a vet, but counselors steered her toward nursing. After working as a certified medical assistant, a few co-workers suggested she go back to school for her nursing degree.

Kathy loves the challenge of nursing. “There have been so many changes in the nursing field during my career and I embrace that,” said Kathy. Being in the recovery area in surgery allows her to use her critical care skills quite frequently and she enjoys the fast reward of seeing a patient start the recovery process after surgery.

“This is a fantastic facility with a mission I can support and execute,” said Kathy. “Patients recognize and respect that mission. I’m proud to say I work here and believe the care we provide rivals any hospital in this area.”


Tune in again tomorrow for the next amazing Pella Regional nurse!

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