Apr 26, 2017

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Service and Volunteers

Service-and-VolunteersThe other day was the Central College Service Day. Hundreds of students from the college fanned out across the city and state to provide hours of service to non-profit organizations. Here at Pella Regional, we were blessed with several students who spent hours working on our outdoor landscaping as their service project. The hospital grounds will be beautiful this spring!

It makes me think about all the many people who volunteer at Pella Regional and the many benefits that their service provides for both them and us.

Let’s start with our volunteers. There are nearly 200 volunteers who serve at Pella Regional Health Center, the Pella Medical Clinic, Hospice of Pella, the Therapy Services in Ottumwa and soon Therapy Services in in Knoxville.

Volunteers are greeters, guides, coffee makers, surgery and emergency department support, Gifts on Jefferson store clerks, cookie bakers, office workers and patient support in Hospice of Pella. They deliver the Stork Snacks to new moms and put together kits with the basics for patients who are admitted overnight. And there’s so much more that these wonderful individuals do that it’s impossible to list all the jobs here.

When asked why they volunteer, the answers are as varied as the job descriptions.

“I’m recently retired and was looking for a way to give back.”

“I’ve been a patient here and this is my way of saying thank you.”

“I’m new to town and hope to meet new people and make new friends.”

And there’s many more reasons.

We’re thankful for all of our volunteers. They are very special! This last week of April is National Volunteer Week. Do you know someone who volunteers at Pella Regional Health Center? If so, please tell them “Thank You!”

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