Apr 12, 2017

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Spring is in the Air!

Spring-is-in-the-AirWhen springtime arrives – and granted, it’s still a little gray and wintery looking outside – I start to think about all the “fresh starts” that are part of my life. It includes things like spring cleaning. Out with those things I’ve not used for more than a year, and a good disinfectant cleaning of the things left behind.

I take time to think about the New Year’s Resolutions that were started…and discarded. That exercise plan? Time to give it a fresh start. Healthy eating? Time to re-visit the meal plans and think about shopping around the outside edges of the grocery store again.

Finally, I also think about those annual things. For instance, annual check-ups and well-child visits. There’s always a rush on annual visits to the doctor in July and August as school-age children need their sports physicals signed and submitted at the start of the year. At Pella Regional’s medical clinics, we encourage parents to consider scheduling their annual visits for April and May as part of your spring routine. In the fall, there’s no need to schedule a separate appointment to fill out the sports physical form if your child has had a physical this year. Instead, you can just drop off your form to one of our medical clinics, and we’ll get it filled out and sent back to you. There’s no extra charge for that!

You can request your appointment online at www.pellahealth.org/requestanappointment!

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