Apr 5, 2017

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Healthy Eating with Meal Planning

Healthy-Eating-with-Meal-PlanningAre you like me? Every so often, you’ll say to yourself, I’m going to start eating better! Then nothing changes? Not too long ago, I had lunch with a Pella Regional Health Center dietician in Nutrition Services and received some excellent advice.

Meal planning: A big part of eating regular, healthy meals is solved by meal planning. Research actually proves that if you map out your meals for the week and utilize a shopping list, you will tend to eat better and weigh less!

Start by deciding what you want to eat for the week. Check your cupboards, refrigerator and freezer for what you already have and then sit down to write out a schedule. You can pull some healthy recipes from our website at www.pellahealth.org/recipes!

Plan to put together simpler meals for your busy nights. Church on Wednesday at 7? Then plan a crockpot meal! Reserve recipes that are new or going to take longer to prepare for evenings when you’ll have a little more time.

When you head to the grocery store, have your list prepared. And eat a healthy snack before shopping. If you’re hungry, you’re more apt to buy foods you don’t need or items that are higher in calories. In one study, people who snacked on an apple instead of a cookie before shopping bought more fruits and vegetables overall.

Don’t be afraid to eat out, but go out with a plan in mind. One suggestion is to scan the menu for healthier items. At some restaurants, healthier items will actually be marked on the menu. Know that portion sizes in restaurants are frequently large. When your meal is delivered, start by cutting it in half so that you can plan to take that part home for another day. When you do that, consider the price of your meal, and realize what a value it is to have it for TWO meals!

Finally, eat slowly. Whether you’re at home or at a restaurant, this is great advice. It takes time for your brain to register all the food that is gone into your stomach. When you eat more slowly, you’ll feel full sooner and eat less overall.

What some of the tips and tricks that have worked for you with meal planning?

  1. Nutrition tips for pregnant and lactating women:
    1) Eat more food during pregnancy
    2) Eat more whole grains, sprouted grams and fermented foods
    3) Take milk/meat/eggs in adequate amounts
    4) Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits
    5) Avoid superstitions and food taboos
    6) Do not use alcohol and tobacco. Take medicines only when prescribed
    7) Take iron, foliate and calcium supplements regularly, after 14-16 weeks of pregnancy and continue the same during lactation

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