Mar 1, 2017

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It Finally Clicked

Kathy Williams It-Finally-ClickedI met a woman a few weeks ago with a pretty amazing story I’d like to share with you all. After a lifetime of living with kidney disease, Kathy Williams was able to get a kidney transplant last year.

Kathy lives in Pella and is a caregiver for her husband and son. Originally, she had been on peritoneal dialysis. When she switched to hemodialysis and started her care at Pella Regional she lost some weight through the different treatment.

“At that point my dialysis physician, Dr. Dahal, said that if I could make some lifestyle changes and lose some more weight I could get on the transplant list,” explained Kathy.

“It finally clicked that I could do this. So many people did their job really well to help me lose weight and get on the transplant list,” said Kathy.

“Cathy, a nurse in Dialysis, was there for me whenever I needed to ask a question or talk,” she explained. “When you are on dialysis you spend a lot of time with the staff. She is wonderful.”

Diane, a Health Partner in Pella Medical Clinic was an invaluable resource about stressors. Another Cathy, this time in Nutrition, was a great supply of information. “She is the dietitian in the dialysis area who created an eating plan that worked with the program I was on for losing weight with the therapy staff.” In Therapy, she worked with staff on strength, flexibility and balance exercises.

According to Kathy, the staff was great throughout the whole process in keeping her and each other informed of progress, goals and next steps.

Since her transplant, Kathy continues seeing the dietitian and visits the Infusion Center often for blood work to make sure kidney function is progressing well and all of her medications are at correct levels.

“It was all so good. There were lots of people who helped and supported me on this journey,” shared Kathy. “Organ donors are heroes. This transplant has given me a second chance at life.”

I’m thrilled my co-workers were able to Kathy get that second chance at life. Go Kathy!

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