Jan 18, 2017

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I Progressed Really Well

I-Progressed-Really-WellAfter 15 years of arthritis pain that was getting worse and worse, Kurt Richardson decided it was time for surgery. “I was in too much pain. It was hard to do anything, especially outside chores like cutting wood and even mowing the grass. Both knees were equally worn out,” explained Kurt.

Before deciding on surgery, Kurt was getting viscous supplementation shots in his knees to lessen the pain. That worked for a while, but eventually Kurt and his surgeon decided to move forward with the double knee replacement in August of 2016.

“I was in the hospital in Des Moines for about a week and it was a great experience,” said Kurt. “I made good enough progress that I was able to go home from the hospital to continue my therapy rather than transfer to a skilled unit.”

The pain was very bad in the beginning and Kurt spent most of the first 2 weeks after surgery in a recliner. He recommends that anyone considering this surgery to do exactly what the nurses suggest and stay ahead of the pain with the medicine.

Therapy started almost immediately. “Every physical movement I made at that point was rehabbing for me,” said Kurt. A physical therapist with Pella Regional’s Home Health visited 3 times a week for 2 weeks and then once he was physically able, he visited the hospital for outpatient physical therapy 2 times a week through December.

“There were some exercises that really hurt but I could see the progress. In time, I would get to my appointments early to stretch and get ready. I was very driven to do my part in getting better,” shared Kurt.

Kurt believes the most successful part of therapy was that he consistently pushed himself and that the therapists pushed him when needed, even if it hurt. “Each therapist had a bit of a different approach that I would try to duplicate on my own to get better. I want to thank them for pushing me. I progressed really well and I was very happy with the results,” said Kurt. “It’s true what they say, no pain no gain.”

Kurt shared that there is still some pain, but he continues to do his stretching exercises on his own and is getting a little better every month. He goes on to say, “It was painful, but the surgery was worth it.”

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