May 16, 2016

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Nurse Spotlight: Home Health with Lance Nieuwsma

Nurse-Spotlight-LanceIt’s no longer Nurse Week BUT we have a few more nurses to spotlight!


Lance took a winding road to his current nursing role in Home Health. He had gone to college and switched majors a few times, graduated and discovered it wasn’t the right path. He moved on to construction work but didn’t really know what he wanted to do. He had always had an interest in health care and those he knew in the field encouraged him in that direction. Looking back, he now realizes that it was God’s plan for him to end up in the nursing field.

He started as an aid in the Medical/Surgical unit at Pella Regional and then graduated with his RN and left to work in a Des Moines hospital for a while, but really enjoys his current role in Home Health. “I get the opportunity to be very independent and think on my feet,” shared Lance.

Lance returned to work at Pella Regional not only because Pella is his home and it’s convenient, but also because he has been treated so well. “I get along with the staff and everyone is accepted and respected in their role,” said Lance. “It’s been a journey for me to get here as a nurse. But nursing as a career is a continued journey and is continually rewarding.”


Still a few more so keep checking in!

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