May 12, 2016

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Nurse Spotlight: Obstetrics with Lindsey Keegel

Nurse-Spotlight-LindseyHere’s another nurse spotlight for you all to enjoy for Nurse week!


Lindsey has been working in health care for many years, starting as a CNA elsewhere before finding her home at Pella Regional in Obstetrics. She had always known she wanted to work in health care but when she was at the birth of her sister’s baby she decided Obstetrics was right for her.

“Each day is different as a nurse,” said Lindsey. “I have a deep respect for life and, in Obstetrics, 95 percent of the time the experience is joyful.” She believes providing the best support possible during this special time in a family’s journey is important and valuable to the experience.

Lindsey chose Pella Regional because of the strong core values and stays at the hospital because of the incredible relationships she’s formed with her team. “We respect and support each other,” shared Lindsey.


So fun! Check tomorrow for the next one!

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