May 11, 2016

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Nurse Spotlight: Skilled Care Unit with Jordan Kamerick

Nurse-Spotlight-JordanJordan is a new nurse at Pella Regional, working on the Skilled Care Unit. She was drawn to the profession of nursing after her dad was in a terrible construction accident. Jordan became passionate about taking care of him in any way she could at the young age of 10.

That passion for nursing became even more pronounced when her mom found out she was ill; spending her last days in Hospice at Pella Regional. She passed away while Jordan was traveling home. “After her death, the nurses kept her there in her room so I could say goodbye. The feeling I got seeing how they cared and made a difference fueled my fire to be a nurse. I want to be that type of nurse to give comfort and a feeling of safety to the family as well as the patient,” said Jordan.

Skilled Care is a great first step for Jordan’s nursing career at Pella Regional. She shares that she wants to master the skill of nursing and plans to eventually work her way to getting her nurse practitioner license. Jordan said, “I want to care for patients when they can’t care for themselves; give them compassion and hope.”

  1. George stockert says:

    My youngest daughter I am so very proud of her and everything that she has achieved and she has worked very hard to do what she wants to do and her mother would be very proud of her just like I am

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