May 10, 2014

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Nurse Spotlight: Dialysis with Nichole Vos

nurse-week-nicholeDialysis nurse Nichole Vos is the nurse spotlight today.

Nichole has always loved science. “The body and how it works fascinates me,” said Nichole. “I also find that nursing fits into my role as a Christian to help the sick and the weak.”

Nichole enjoys nursing because she is able to be there for someone on a bad day and take the time to listen. She feels that Dialysis is a good fit because she enjoys specialty areas of medicine that have a unique population of patients. “I like having specific needs to focus on as I feel I can take better care of people that way,” shared Nichole.

There’s more to come. Yes, I know Nurse Week is pretty much over but there are more great stories to tell!

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