May 6, 2014

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Nurse Spotlight: Home Health with Erica Marvelli

nurse-week-ericaThis year for nurse week I asked a variety of nurses throughout Pella Regional a few questions. I got a lot of great answers from a lot of great nurses to share with you all and here’s the first – ENJOY!

Growing up, Erica thought she was meant to be a veterinarian. As she started vet school though, she found out she would prefer to work with patients who can tell her what is wrong. With her love of medicine and science, she found her home in nursing. As she says, “It’s always changing with medical advancements and opportunities for learning.”

While she has worked in many departments, Erica really enjoys her role in Home Health. “I get to see patients in their homes where they are most comfortable and can be most natural,” said Erica. She explains that the multiple roles of teacher, advocate and nursing skills are a nice mix for her. Advocating for her patients means a lot to Erica. She is able to help patients reach their goals, encourage them throughout their care and at times, push for her patient’s wants and needs.

There are many more of these snapshots of why are nurses do what they do coming so keep a look out!

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