Jan 21, 2014

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Do you travel for work?

travel-workI do not. Occasionally I need to go to one of our medical clinics, but the farthest one is in Ottumwa. I’ve always thought that traveling for work sounded very glamorous. Now that I have kids, it sounds like a lot more trouble than it’s worth. But, part of me is still fascinated by the idea of jetting off for New York City for a business meeting. Sounds a lot more exotic than the travel I’m doing!

I recently spoke with our Occupational Health staff and they shared the following information about business travelers and some of the health concerns. I found it very interesting, so wanted to share some of the information:

Travel is a prominent feature of business in the United States. Millions of long distance trips are taken each year. Air travel accounts for 16% of all business trips, whereas automobile travel accounts for 81% of all business trips.

A large study (over 13,000 patients) was done to evaluate the health effects of business travel. The results were interesting in that business travelers were more likely to have jet lag, sleep disorders, exposure to high-density “fast” foods, and long periods of sedentary behavior than non-travelers. These factors have been found to be associated with obesity, which is known to cause numerous poor health conditions.

While a healthy lifestyle is important for the good of anyone, business travelers need to make an extra effort with their diet, exercise and sleep regimen. Planning ahead and being mindful of your schedule are important factors in maintaining good health.

Well, I’m “jetting” off on a trip to our Medical Clinic in Knoxville next week for a patient interview. I don’t think that qualifies for real business travel like what is discussed here. But, hey, at least I get my mileage reimbursed!

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