Apr 16, 2013

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Thank You for All You Do!

IMG_5528This week is Volunteer Week, April 15-21, and I want to be sure to salute the volunteers who keep this hospital working so well.

The next time you start feeling cynical, consider this: in 2012, 11,267 volunteer hours were logged at the hospital! That doesn’t include the overwhelming amount of volunteer hours at hospice. These amazingly selfless people make a huge difference in the lives of Pella Regional’s patients and visitors, not to mention the people who work here.

Our volunteers staff the gift shop, bring snacks to new families in obstetrics, visit with hospice patients and families, and mend the bed sheets and gowns and so much more. They truly live our mission of providing health care and healing services with Christian compassion.

It’s not just Pella Regional volunteers who do great work. I admire all of you out there who offer your time and talents to a favorite charity or organization. I’m amazed at what a difference you can make for your community in just a few hours. Thank you for all you do!


For information about volunteering in a certain area of Pella Regional, please contact:

Hospital: Call Cyndi Atkins at 641-621-2290 or e-mail her at catkins@pellahealth.org.

Hospice: Call Beth Loux at 641-620-5054 or e-mail her at bloux@pellahealth.org.

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