Mar 12, 2013

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Shining Stars

Star award against gradient backgroundI’ve mentioned before that I work with amazing people. It’s true. I’m inspired everyday by the people I work with. My team is especially great. They are fun, creative, kind-hearted and hard-working. I admit I’m biased, but all of my co-workers here at Pella Regional really do go above and beyond.

At Pella Regional, we have an “employee of the month” program that we call Shining Star. This is what each of our news releases say about the program: Shining Star is a reward and recognition program at Pella Regional designed to acknowledge an employee each month that demonstrates outstanding standards of behavior and inspires others to do their best.

This is a pretty textbook description, right? Well, it is… until you get the stories behind the award. Some of these people have saved lives, some have inspired others and some have provided peace of mind through their acts of kindness and goodwill. While I’m sure they feel they are just doing their jobs, when I read these stories I can imagine that their care made all the difference to someone-whether it’s a patient, a patient family or a co-worker. Here are some of our Shining Stars from 2012:

Laura VanZee, Occupational Health

Excerpt from her nomination:

“Laura is very professional, yet compassionate, with her interactions. She is truly a shining star as she makes our department much better in every way. She is a pleasure to work with, is always positive, always greets you with a smile, and is excellent in performing her job duties.”

Cory Steele, Plant Operations…

Excerpt from his nomination:

It was difficult to limit the areas in which Cory excels. We appreciate the smile that he always has on his face and the greeting he offers, even though he knows there is a problem awaiting when he receives our call. He is always polite and courteous, calm when faced with a troubling circumstance. His commitment to Pella Regional, the patients, and other staff members is outstanding.

Trena Septer, Emergency

Excerpt from her nomination:

A patient was brought into the Emergency department by ambulance and his condition began deteriorating very quickly. The patient’s wife was at his side and Trena was speaking on the phone with the patient’s daughter. Trena took the phone and placed it on the ear of the patient so that his daughter had a last chance to speak words of love to her father. As he heard the last words from his daughter a single tear rolled down his face. Trena gave the most loving gift possible: the opportunity to say your last words and I love you.

Mary Jo Van Roekel, Clinics…

Excerpt from her nomination:

Mary Jo is our go-to nurse for the clinics in our department. Recently a situation came up where she really went above and beyond. A patient had been in for a test and needed to come back to have the test read and documented. The patient forgot and wasn’t able to come back until after the clinic had closed. Mary Jo met the patient late that evening so they wouldn’t need to start the testing over. It really makes me proud to have Mary Jo represent our hospital with so much caring and compassion.

Kelli Doty, Hospice

Excerpt from her nomination:

My husband is a very quiet man. He speaks very little and doesn’t complain about much of anything in regard to his condition, yet he feels very comfortable with Kelli and is very open with his thoughts and feelings with her. There have been numerous times that he has said he is “so glad she is my nurse”, “She makes me feel like I am the only one she is caring for and she wants to make sure I am comfortable.”

Tesa Fleener, Home Health and Hospice…

Excerpt from her nomination:

As our scheduler, she has the hardest position on our team. Our clients speak highly of how she accommodates their needs and still manages to be so pleasant. She goes the second mile to see that we get time off for personal appointments and family needs even on short notice due to sickness or family crisis. She takes every difficult situation and turns it into a positive, for the patient, staff and organization.

Julie Flaig, Materials Management…

Excerpt from her nomination:

Julie and others have been hard at work ordering supplies for the new Medical Clinic in Ottumwa. So many of the supplies need to come to the hospital first to be checked in and verified and then taken to Ottumwa. A few weeks ago when it was 105 degrees, Julie loaded a hospital pickup and took supplies for Ottumwa to a secure location as we had no more room in the hallway here at the hospital. Then, on one of her PTO days, Julie took those supplies to Ottumwa.  She never complains of having to do this even though it is above and beyond her job. She would just say that someone needed to get it done. She is a manager that will do whatever needs to be done no matter what the job.

Norb Greiner, Respiratory Care

Excerpt from his nomination:

Norb has gone above and beyond providing great patient care to our patients, but this act of his Christian compassion makes me very proud to be part of Pella Regional. We have a patient that has been in and out of the hospital quite a bit the past year. On this last visit, the patient was in grave condition and transferred to a Des Moines hospital. Norb visited the patient and spouse over the weekend to check in and let them know he was concerned and thinking about them.

Beth Loux, Hospice…

Excerpt from her nomination:

Hospice of Pella recently held a 2 day grief conference. Beth willingly took on the task of determining the number of hospice volunteers needed; scheduled all of the volunteers by contacting them personally; scheduled back up volunteers just in case, scheduled back up volunteers for the back-up volunteers; got together the food; planned the menus; arranged for all of the set-up, clean up, etc for all of the refreshments, and put immeasurable time into the book sales. She did this on top of all of her routine work, and did it all with a great can-do attitude and real sense of “owning” the accountability to make sure the event went off without a problem, both for attendees, as well as for our staff and volunteers and Pella Regional.

Dr. Mitch Blom, Pella Medical Clinic…

Excerpt from his nomination:

One of Dr. Blom’s patients had an emergency and was referred immediately to a specialized hospital for care. There were numerous insurance hurdles with this referral. When Dr. Blom found this out, he went above and beyond to reassure the family that everything would be OK and worked consistently with the insurance company to achieve clearance. Dr. Blom spent his own time, both at work and after, ensuring the patient would receive timely attention for the medical condition and that it would be paid for without undue hardship.

Eileen Van Weelden, Nutrition/Laundry…

Excerpt from her nomination:

A patient on Med/Surg reported after eating his evening meal, “I think I left my teeth on the supper tray and now it is gone.” I went down to the kitchen and it had already closed. Eileen had her coat on and was just leaving. Eileen was clocked out and ready to go home, but she went to the dumpster with me. When she saw I wouldn’t be able to get the garbage bags out by myself, she helped me. While lifting one of the bags out, it ripped and spilled liquid trash on the sidewalk. Eileen grabbed some gloves and picked it up, never once complaining it wasn’t her job or she wanted to go home. She saw a co-worker in need and gave assistance without hesitation.

These are great examples of the great people I work with. Is there someone at Pella Regional who made the difference for you?

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